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ASU details how school community plans to stay healthy from COVID-19 as classes resume

ASU details how school community plans to stay healthy from COVID-19 as classes resume

Students will head back on Aug. 20 and there are many ways the university is making sure the community stays healthy.

PHOENIX – With some schools starting in-person learning in the Valley, the largest university in the state prepares to bring back thousands beginning Thursday, Aug. 20.

Arizona State University officials detailed how they plan to keep students safe from the coronavirus.

The administration says it’s been preparing for students to return to school in the fall and has been keeping those on campus safe since the beginning of the summer.

Now, they’ve further elaborated on the plan as students roll back into town.

Daily health checks, face coverings on campus, social distancing and keeping good hygiene are just some of the precautions ASU is taking this fall semester.

“We have sanitation stations all over the university, so we’re doing a lot to communicate with the faculty, staff and students. All of us can do it as individuals to contribute to stopping the virus,” said ASU Deputy Vice President Cassandra Aska.

In classrooms, student numbers are reduced and spread 6 feet apart. Professors are giving students the option to skip class if they need to quarantine and are offered an online option to attend. 

If an individual is not able to come onto campus for whatever reason, they don’t have to miss class — they can learn through ASU online classes. 

In the dorms, all students need to provide a negative COVID-19 test prior to moving in and visitors are not allowed — only faculty and students who live in the building can enter.

What happens someone in the dorms tests positive for COVID-19?

“We will work with them and ASU Health Services on an individual basis to determine what their needs are. We do have locations where we will have them move temporarily where they are isolated and during that time, if they’re well, they are able to participate in their classes,” Aska said.

The administration says it’s spoken to students about what they are expected to do to stop the spread, which includes no large gatherings.

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