Chaparral Cancels Two Due To COVID, Saguaro Head Coach Jason Mohns, Phoenix Rising Alleged Homophobic Slur, Jimmy Vaccaro From Las Vegas

48 hours before the Arizona high school football season was set to start, news broke Wednesday afternoon a Chaparral player tested positive for COVID-19, forcing the Firebirds to postpone their two games, including Friday’s matchup with rival Saguaro. Brad and Eric discuss the impact for not only Chap, but the two or possibly three teams who could be scrambling for a game in the coming weeks. Saguaro head coach Jason Mohns (10:09 on podcast) Zoomed in to talk about when and how he found out, the message to his team not only Wednesday but throughout the pandemic and much more. The Phoenix Rising are getting national buzz for all the wrong reasons after San Diego Loyal players accused a Rising player of using a homophobic slur. San Diego would walk off the field in protest. Plus, long-time Las Vegas oddsmaker Jimmy Vaccaro (36:37 on podcast) talked Cardinals-Panthers and all the other big weekend football matchups.

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