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Hundreds of families benefited by Phoenix program to help those impacted by COVID-19

Help available for families impacted by coronavirus

FOX 10’s Matt Galka spoke with one of the beneficiaries of the plan, as she struggled to find a job amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

PHOENIX – As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, there are still thousands of people in Arizona who are struggling to pay their monthly bills.

However, a rental assistance program is saving the day for many people in Phoenix.

If the walls of Sarah Alvarado’s house could talk. They’d have a lot of good stories to tell.

“I’m happy I have a comfortable place for my kids,” said Alvarado.

Alvarado is a single parent, and due to COVID, she is struggling to find work

“Ph.D, you know?” said Alvarado. “I thought that was the height of achievement, but COVID changed all that.”

After earning her doctorate, Alvarado hasn’t been able to find work at universities also impacted by the virus. People might not think of the words ‘struggling’ and ‘doctor’ together, but impacts from the pandemic do not discriminate.

Alvarado didn’t know where the rent money was going to come from., but she got a helping hand from the City of Phoenix Rental Assistance Program

“I’m so thankful,” said Alvarado.

Chicanos Por La Causa has helped 500 families so far. On average, the families are getting $3,200 for rent and utilities. It’s $3,200 dollars they didn’t have before.

“My team has been working on this nonstop. Everyone including me,” said Victor Contreras, Director of Chicanos Por la Causa. “We’ve been talking to families.”

“I’m hopeful, and I’m standing on the belief that God will open the way for me, and I’ll have a job very soon,” said Alvarado.

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