Mexico: Free COVID-19 Vaccines For All

Mexico is currently under the works to be one of the first countries to provide the COVID-19 vaccine to its residents at no cost, announced President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, best known as AMLO.

While he provided few details, AMLO said that the Mexican government will be able to supply the vaccine for free thanks to ” healthy public finances and the government’s fight against corruption.”

There will be no need to raise taxes nor to indebt the country, said AMLO. Mexico is financially stable and has sufficient money to guarantee a vaccine for all that will need it.

In addition to obtaining the vaccine, the Mexican government is working toward supplying public hospitals with more medical equipment.

The equipment will be bought with the money obtained from the sale of raffle tickets offered to the public in a bid to sell the official plane of Mexico’s President, said AMLO.

The government has received two thousand million pesos from the sales of raffle tickets. The equivalent to $94,509,000.

The airplane will be sold for two thousand million pesos, said AMLO. In total, the plane will supply mexican hospitals with over four thousand million pesos.

The Mexican government has spent around 40,000 million pesos during the pandemic on hospitals and in bringing in more doctors and nurses.

Nearly 700,000 positive COVID-19 cases have been reported throughout Mexico and at least 60-thousand Mexicans have died from the disease.

But, experts are now indicating a low in recent COVID-19 updates.

COVID-19 cases have been decreasing throughout Mexico consecutively over the past seven weeks, said Mexican epidemiologist and infectious diseases expert, Hugo López-Gatell Ramírez at the news conference.

Throughout Mexico, about 26%, less than a third, of hospital bed occupancy is being used by COVID-19 patients in critical conditions, said Ramirez.

No hospital has bed occupancy of 50% or greater and won’t anytime soon if people take precautions, said Ramirez.

In order to maintain this declining pattern, AMLO and Ramirez stress the importance of washing one’s hands frequently, staying at home if possible, wearing face masks and social distancing.

Complying to social distancing rules, the state of Mexico cancelled all festivities for Mexico’s Independence Day this year.

President AMLO made a call for citizens to avoid large group gatherings and parties in honor of the September 16th homeland celebration.

Although large group festivities are cancelled, AMLO invited Mexicans to tune into the September 16 ceremony via television, radio or social media.

Not only will the ceremony be dedicated to the holiday, AMLO said he will also be honoring Mexican medical workers for their help and hard work during the pandemic.

“Medical workers,” said AMLO, ” are heroes who are literally saving lives.”

A torch will be lit during the ceremony. “The torch of hope,” said Obrador. “We need to have hope that everything will work out, because hope is a powerful force and we will move on forward.”

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