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Charter school given state exemption from in-person school requirement

Teresa Knapp Gordon, the head of the Little Rock Education Association, asks a good question on Facebook.

The context of Gordon’s question is that Education Secretary Johnny Key, “school board” for the Little Rock School District in its sixth year of state control, refused an LREA request that the Little Rock district begin the year virtually because of health concerns.

The KIPP website explains its situation further, that it is a three-week delay, with in-person teaching resuming Sept. 14, because of one COVID-19 positive case at the elementary school in Helena.

Two schools in Little Rock have reported staff members who’ve tested positive. A number are in quarantine as a result. No school has been allowed to delay in-person classes.

It’s always a good time to mention who’s driving charter school proliferation, some say openly with an aim toward ending the public education system.

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