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Coronavirus update and open line

Coronavirus update and open line – Arkansas Times


August 15, 20204:05 pm


Today’s open line comes with a grim coronavirus report, including 14 more deaths.

UPDATE: A local news website in the Arkansas River Valley is reporting all of one small district’s first grade teachers have been quarantined after exposure to a virus carrier during professional development. But what was it the guv said? It’s gonna happen. “We’re not going to get bent out of shape when that happens,” he said last week on a report of infected worker at a middle school in Little Rock.

ALSO: KATV is reporting that Hunter Midkiff, a Piggott football player, has died after collapsing during practice earlier in the week from heat stroke.

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The COVID-19 pandemic is reshaping all aspects of life in Arkansas. We’re interested in hearing from doctors, nurses and other health care workers; from patients and their families; from people in longterm care facilities and their families; from parents and students affected by the crisis; from people who have lost their job; from people with knowledge of workplaces or communities that aren’t taking appropriate measures to slow the spread of the disease; and more.

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