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The COVID-19 report (not good) and open line in hotspot Arkansas, where business comes before health

Sunday is typically light on the COVID-19 front, but the Health Department is aware of the perils ahead, with this warning for the weekend.

Given the day’s Democrat-Gazette good luck. The governor thinks nothing of gratuitously trashing teachers fearful of entering poorly protected classrooms and a crazy-quilt of tracing efforts; college cases are exploding; rejection of mask-wearing appears to be a mark of courage for Republican legislative candidates, and then there were the chuckwagon races at Clinton, which Hutchinson had promised had a great COVID plan.

In any case, the line is open.

And here’s the daily report: Not good.


Also: I linked to it yesterday, but I wanted to be sure I spread fully on the record Governor Hutchinson’s snotty rejoinder to the statement by the Little Rock Education Association that schools weren’t safe and the state should move to more virtual classes.

The union is not being helpful to the students and families of the Little Rock School District. I am proud of the dedication of our teachers and staff across the state to provide the best learning environments for their students. It is disappointing that the union continues to work to disrupt learning and keep our students out of the classroom. The union is the principal reason charter schools are increasingly seen as an option. Parents need to know that there will not be a debate every week as to whether union teachers will be in the classroom for the students.

This is not a union debate. Nor is it a charter school debate (some of which wanted to go all-virtual, BTW). Hutchinson refuses to address the very real safety concerns of teachers EVERYWHERE in Arkansas. The success of his “strategy,” as he likes to call his business-first approach to the pandemic, is illustrated by Arkansas’s rising place on the list of the most COVID-infected states in the country.

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