TDCJ inmate at Segovia dies from COVID-19

A 66-year-old Harris County man serving a 15-year sentence for driving while intoxicated died at the Texas Department of Criminal Justice’s Segovia Unit on Sunday from the coronavirus, records show.

A custodial death report filed with the Texas Attorney General’s Office on Wednesday says Gene Allen Brown contracted the virus while in prison and died from “COVID-19 pneumonia leading to respiratory distress.”

Brown was convicted of driving while intoxicated third or more in 2011 in Harris County.

He is the first TDCJ inmate to die from coronavirus while incarcerated in the prison complex made up of the Lopez and Segovia units in Edinburg, according to TDCJ records.

A total of 117 inmates have died from the virus with 43 more results pending for fatalities, according to TDCJ records.

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