The Southern Nevada Health District and the state have added groups of people eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine. Here’s the latest, according to state officials.

Starting April 5, all Nevadans 16 and older will be eligible for a COVID-19 vaccine. Before that date, those eligible include those 16 and older with underlying conditions and disabilities, and those experiencing homelessness; and ages 65 and older.

Occupational tiers:

Health Care Workforce

Includes personnel who work in:

— Hospitals.

— Long term care workers and residents.

— Laboratories.

— Diagnostic imaging.

— Pharmacies.

— Medical/dental services.

— First responders (EMT/paramedics).

Public Safety & Security

— Nevada Department of Corrections staff.

— Law enforcement, public safety and national security.

— State and local emergency operations managers/staff.

Front Line Community Support

— Education (Pre-K & K-12) and childcare — public, private and charter school settings.

— Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE) frontline educators, staff and students.

— Community support frontline staff (i.e. frontline workers who support food, shelter, court/legal services, social services, public utilities, and other necessities of life for needy groups and individuals).

— Continuity of Governance (state and local).

— Essential public transportation: taxi, Uber and Lyft drivers at the state and local level.

— Remaining essential public health workforce: Public health and environmental health workers specializing in sanitary and infection control, health care facility safety and emergency preparedness planning, public health/community health workers including call center workers.

— Mortuary services.

Front line Supply Chain & Logistics

— Agriculture, farmers, farm and ranch workers, agribusiness support, auctions and sales, animal food processing and storage, manufacture of veterinary drugs and biologics, livestock services and markets, slaughter plants.

— End-to-end essential goods supply chain (includes manufacturing, transport, distribution and sale of essential items) This includes warehouses, processing, packaging and distribution (USPS, FedEx, UPS), messengers, local and long-haul truck drivers, grocery store workers, convenience store workers, pharmacy staff, vendors and support personnel critical for business continuity, electrical engineers, security personnel, janitorial staff, e-commerce workers.

— Utilities and communications infrastructure, including news providers, water and wastewater workers, dam workers, internet and mobile services, telephone service providers.

— Nevada Department of Transportation and local emergency road personnel, including CDL operators, street cleanup crews, snowplow drivers, traffic incident management and emergency road crews.

— Essential airport operations, workers who support air transportation for cargo and passengers, including operation, distribution, maintenance and sanitation. Includes air traffic controllers, flight dispatchers, airport operations personnel, flight crews and flight instructors.

— Other essential transportation includes vehicle repair maintenance and transportation equipment manufacturing and distribution; vehicle sales, rentals and leasing and the supply chains that enable these operations to facilitate continuity of travel-related operations for essential workers. Find more information on groups here.

Frontline Commerce & Service Industries

– Food Service and Hospitality only: Restaurant and quick-serve food operations, carryout, and delivery food workers; workers in cafeterias used to feed workers or other congregate settings; and frontline casino and resort employees not in food service who have prolonged/sustained customer interaction.

Starting April 5:

– Ages 16 to 64 deemed healthy.

Finding a location for vaccines

Eligible Nevadans can get appointments at a variety of locations on the Southern Nevada Health District’s vaccine page here. Appointments can also be found on the state’s vaccination portal here.

If you need a COVID-19 test

Find a location here.

If you’re eligible for a vaccine and have trouble at a location, let us know by emailing


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