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Child care providers are weathering COVID-19 storm

As parents began bringing their children back to the center, Richard developed new safety protocols that are still in use.

Parents must remain in the foyer when they drop off their children and have no access to other areas of the building. Children’s temperatures are taken at the door. Children are divided into small groups or teams that they remain with on a regular basis.

“We have definitely changed a lot of policies,” Richard said.

Pride in centers

Moon serves as executive director of St. Luke’s Children Center operated on the St. Luke’s United Methodist Church complex at 222 NW 15. In that position, she also oversees three other child care centers: St. Luke’s Children’s Center-Edmond at St. Luke’s-Edmond; Trinity Child Development Center at Trinity Baptist Church, 1329 NW 23; and First Kid’s Learning Center at First United Methodist Church, 131 NW 4.

Like Richard, she said the number of children at all the centers dwindled at the onset of the pandemic in Oklahoma.

“In March, obviously when this whole thing hit, our numbers dropped way down and they stayed down for probably six to eight weeks. And then, May 1, we started getting children back,” Moon said.

“So over the four centers, we had 650 children before this all started and about 100 withdrew but we are back up to almost 100% capacity right now.”

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