Board of Commissioners hears COVID-19 update – Henry County Times

  Don Ash, Emergency Management Director gave a coronavirus update to the Henry County Board of Commissioners at the June 16 scheduled Commission meeting.

   In his presentation, Ash cited the number of coronavirus cases, the number of coronavirus deaths, and how many are hospitalized due to COVID in the state of Georgia and Henry County. He further shared the statistics for each city in the county.

   “Henry County has COVID cases in Ellenwood totaling 27, the City of Hampton has 120, McDonough has 379 cases, Jonesboro has 4, Locust Grove has 9, Stockbridge has 199 and the City of Rex has 4 cases of the coronavirus,” said Ash.

   Ash detailed the numbers at Piedmont Henry Hospital and the numbers from long-term care facilities in the county as well as explained that the emergency management and leadership teams attained PPE equipment.

   “We were able to acquire reusable cloth masks and we have deployed those out to critical stakeholder in the community that include the school system, private schools, our water authority, all government and court services and nursing facilities,” he said.

   Ash concluded his update with what his team’s next steps are through the pandemic.

   “We are currently working on developing a plan to continue to increase our PPE equipment. There has been some discussion about a possible second wave of COVID-19 that may affect our community in September, so we are being proactive as we seek out these needed resources not only through our Public Health partners but our private vendors as well,” said Ash.

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