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Former 13 News Reporter Lyndsey Gough still recovering from COVID-19 complications

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WBKO) – Lyndsey Gough spent part of her broadcasting career reporter at WBKO. She now works for our sister station WTOC in Savannah, Georgia.

While she was covering the PGA Tournament in Hilton Head, she thinks she contracted COVID-19.

“So this can impact younger people, and this can impact you in a major way,” Gough said.

Before contracting the virus, she said she was healthy and had no underlying conditions. A few days after her 27th birthday, she started having symptoms.

“I was congested. Eventually it progressed to the body aches and pains chills, and muscle aches,” Lyndsey described.

Officially testing positive on June 30, she quarantined for two weeks. After the 14 days, she began to feel better, until abdominal pain started kicking in. This brought her to seek medical attention.

“They tested me for COVID, I tested positive again. They also ran a bunch of tests and they told me my appendix had ruptured, and they thought it was from my body trying to fight COVID,” Gough explained.

She was told she would have to have emergency surgery, which led to an 11 day stay in the hospital.

“I wouldn’t wish that on anybody. I’ve had the flu, it was worse than the flu. Those 11 days in the hospital, not only were they miserable because I felt so bad, and was literally fighting for my life, but also I’m alone,” Gough said.

It has been nearly two months since she first tested positive for COVID-19. Though her initial symptoms have faded away, she said she still experiences some tiredness, and has several checkups before she can return to her normal schedule.

“This past week my hair started to fall out which is another symptom some COVID patients have reported. Just not knowing if and when some other random symptom is going to pop back up,” Gough explained.

Gough is a reminder that we should take the virus seriously, because it can even affect young, healthy people.

“My message to anybody is to take it seriously. It’s not just the flu.”

Gough said she received many messages of support from people in South-Central Kentucky. She wanted to say thank you to the WBKO viewing area for the kind words.

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