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If you open a qualifying Gold IRA account now with Goldco Precious Metals, you’ll pay no fees for 3 years!

With the recent decline in the stock market, it comes as no surprise that so many people are taking advantage of Gold IRAs these days. When stocks are down, gold generally rises in value; essentially making it the perfect protection for retirement investments in bear markets. Throughout the past month, all 3 blue chip indices have been posting losses while gold has been rising in value as fast as ever before.

So, there’s good reason to diversify retirement investments with precious metals, but what is it that makes Goldco Precious Metals the top Gold IRA Company today? According to online reviews made by retirement account holders, they’ve become number one by providing exceptional customer service to all of their clients, no matter how small or large.

It’s clear from their reviews that as a company, Goldco Precious Metals has made an extra point of making sure their customers’ needs are met. While many Gold IRA Companies simply employ order takers looking to make the next big sale; Goldco Precious Metals’ employees take the time necessary to build custom plans dedicated to achieving goals set in place by their customers.

To give thanks to the community for naming them the #1 Gold IRA Company of 2014, and nominating them once again for top gold ira company in 2015, Goldco Precious Metals is making it easier than ever to work with the #1 Gold IRA Company. When opening a qualifying Gold IRA account now, Goldco Precious Metals will waive the fees for 3 years! Find out why so many retirement account holders are raving about Goldco Precious Metals today!

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