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Campus Move In Causes Virus Concerns at UK

LEXINGTON, Ky. — The University of Kentucky completed its first week of students moving back on campus. With many families helping their students move into their dorms, there is some concern they may be spreading the virus without even knowing. 

According to the UK COVID-19 Testing Result website, as of Wednesday, August 12, 14,129 students were tested with 125 of those students testing positive.

Lance Poston the project manager for UK Health Corps says testing students before allowing them access to campus is the best way the Universities can try to decrease the spread of the virus. 

“You should be washing your hands or using sanitizer frequently, you should be wearing a face covering, and we hope those universal precautions and messages will help make a positive impact here,” Poston said.

Even though students are being tested, some family members and friends are helping the students move back to campus. Some of those helping hands do not know if they are carrying the virus or not. Poston says they can not control everyone that comes on campus, but they can ask that everyone follows the proper protocols. 

“There are variables of folks coming on to campus. Right, as they would be at any time who we, you know, we’re trying to message in proactive ways to whether they’re a student or not that you should be. You should be following those social distancing protocols.” Poston said. 

With the protocols in place, the University is doing the best they can to ensure the safety of the staff and students as the school year begins.

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