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COVID-19 causing fewer students to be at bars, restaurants near UK campus

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) – Most students coming in and out of the restaurants off South Limestone in Lexington say this time last year, the area was packed. But bars and restaurants are closing earlier now.

Students tell WKYT’s Grason Passmore they just got to campus and don’t want to get sent home if people start getting COVID-19.

Many students say they feel pretty comfortable eating at places that offer outdoor seating. They say most people they see around campus are wearing their masks correctly and practicing social distancing.

A second year at the University of Kentucky, Nicole Marker says students really haven’t been throwing parties, like they normally would.

She says so far, if anyone has even mentioned the thought of a party, their classmates have been pretty quick to shut the idea down.

“UK’s doing a lot. They have a lot of signs posted,” Marker said. ”Everyone’s really wearing their masks, they’re giving masks out in case you needed one. They’re sanitizing everything. They’re really on top of it.”

Marker says big lecture classes are still online for now and some smaller ones have gone back to in-person instruction.

People are still out and about, but students say they think there’s just not as many out as usual because people are worried they’ll get sent home early like they did during spring semester.

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