Mark Stoops reacts to COVID-19 outbreaks among SEC teams

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) – The season opener between Kentucky and Auburn is less than a month away and the Tigers are having some serious issues with COVID-19.

After cancelling practice on Wednesday and Thursday due to an outbreak, the Tigers cancelled Saturday’s scrimmage and press conference with head coach Guz Malzahn.

Tennessee is also on Kentucky’s schedule this season and the Volunteers had to cancel a practice this week due to COVID-19. Kentucky head coach Mark Stoops was asked at Saturday’s press conference if these outbreaks are concerning.

“You know it’s not my concern because I can’t control that,” said Stoops. “I certainly hope that we are all staying as safe as possible and keeping things under control because you always worry about that.”

“You feel like if it gets out of control at any other place, it can affect you. It can affect us and our players. For us, our focus is keeping ourselves as safe as possible and doing the things we can do that controls our environment. We are far from perfect, but our guys are doing a really good job and for us right now, we have it as under control as you can.”

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