WALTON, Ky. — A Northern Kentucky man is accused of breaking Canada’s COVID-19 rules, not once, but twice.

What You Need To Know
Kentucky man wanted in Canada

John Pennington is wanted for violating COVID-19 regulations twice

In a Facebook post, Pennington defends his actions

Pennington has a November court date in Canada


The Royal Canadian Mounted Police said John Pennington, 40, was fined $1,200 CAD (around $900 USD) in late June. Pennington is from Walton, Ky.

The RCMP said Pennington violated Alberta’s Public Health Act that requires travelers to quarantine.

“Since COVID, there’s recently, and I guess more recently in June, there was something that has been coined I guess the Alaskan loophole where American Citizens are traveling through Alberta to get to Alaska or vice versa,” said Corporal Tammy Keibel, RCMP.

Keibel said at the border Americans are told to take a direct route to help prevent the spread of the Coronavirus.

Spectrum News 1 tried to reach Pennington for comment and did not hear back. But in a Facebook Live video posted on June 26, Pennington appears to defend his decisions saying he was cleared to be on the road.


3 things I wish I had known before traveling to stay in a 4 Star Resort & treated like a criminal in the middle of the night

Posted by John Pennington on Friday, June 26, 2020


“They did not give me any directions on ‘hey you can’t stay at this hotel’, ‘you can’t stay at this property’, ‘you need to stay on this highway,’ none of that was told to me whatsoever, totally fine,” Pennington said in the video. “I had a route planned and I thought it was good to go. I have passed multiple police, none of them have stopped me for having United States license plates.”

Pennington said in the video, the police knocking on his hotel room door late at night caught him off guard.

But a day after the ticket, Corporal Keibel said they got a call on Pennington’s car.

“The RCMP received a complaint regarding an American license plate at a gondola, which takes people up the mountains, and upon investigation learned that that vehicle is associated with Mr. Pennington who has been charged under the Public Health Act the night before,” Keibel said.

Cpl. Keibel said the RCMP charged and arrested Pennington who was released on a no cash bail.

If Pennington is found guilty, he could face up to 6 months in jail or possibly a fine of $750,000 CAD (around $570,000 USD) or a combination of both.

Keibel said Pennington has a court hearing scheduled in late November. She also said so far 10 Americans have been fined for violating Alberta’s Public Health Act.


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