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University of Kentucky Coronavirus Vaccine Testing

LEXINGTON, Ky. — With researchers working around the clock to find a cure to the coronavirus, Jerry Woodward, a microbiology professor at the University of Kentucky thinks that he may be working on a vaccine with promising results. 

What You Need To Know
University of Kentucky working on COVID-19 vaccine

Showing promise in testing on mice

UK says they are part of a global network

Researchers believe a vaccine could be ready by 2021

“The vaccine has been working quite well we’ve been getting very good antibody responses and T-cell responses so that’s encouraging,” Woodward said.

This vaccine that Woodward and his team are working on stands out from other potential treatments. This vaccine includes a special technology by PDS Biotech called Versamune®. The technology helps stimulate a part of the immune system to activate T-cells. Once these T-cells are activated, they can help recognize and protect against some specific diseases. 

The preclinical study is using mice to test the vaccine. They simply vaccinate the mice with a small dose, and after a certain period, they test the blood looking for the antibody responses. 

“We will be a part of a larger global network. There will be a variety of vaccines that will be out there. And as we go along, we’ll be able to fine-tune them and figure out which ones work better,” Woodward said. 

As of right now, the researchers at the university believe that with all the testing and research being done around the world, a possible vaccine could be created by early 2021. 

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