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Letters to the Editor: Gov. McMaster’s COVID-19 work gets low marks | Letters to the Editor


It’s hard to stomach Gov. Henry McMaster’s recently self-assigned A grade for his performance throughout the coronavirus pandemic, especially in light of the recent death of one of my cherished patients from COVID-19.

Our governor’s hubris forces me to shine a light on his revisionist history. Here’s my scorecard:

• Does anyone remember the news on March 25, 2020, when it was reported that health officials predicted 8,000 total cases of coronavirus in South Carolina by May 2020? Now we report 8,000 deaths in S.C. Grade F.

• How about opening up the state against the advice of federal guidelines in early summer? Grade C for not listening to teachers’ instructions. Cost? Summer surge in cases; lives lost.

• What about counseling all of us to avoid large gatherings at home while the governor and his wife attended the White House Christmas party? Grade D for, well, dumb.

• And then there is the example of New Zealand. With the same population size as South Carolina, the entire country has a death toll of 26. Grade A. For New Zealand, that is.

• What grade would I give the state DHEC for vaccine distribution? My medical practice was “approved” for the vaccine in mid-December as part of our Phase 1A physician status. When did DHEC contact us to deliver those vaccines? Mid-March. Grade F, Gov. McMaster for turning in your homework three months late.

What a tragic example of grade inflation.


Royall Avenue

Mount Pleasant

Kudos for vaccine

I would like to thank the Day Dawn Baptist Church in Pineville and the Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office for a professional administration of the COVID-19 vaccine to the public without needing an appointment.

The Fetter Center handled the event on March 11 with compassion and professionalism. Vaccines were available to people of all races, creeds, faiths and political affiliations.

My wife had a preexisting lung disease, which has caused me great fear in this time of the pandemic.

The Day Dawn Church and the Fetter Center vaccinated her efficiently and gave me incredible relief that my wife could survive this COVID-19 plague.

I’m sure God was pleased with your wonderful work.


West Montague Avenue

North Charleston

CAJM work

On March 22, I was one of 2,300 Charleston area residents who attended the annual meeting of the Charleston Area Justice Ministry.

I am disappointed The Post and Courier did not write a summary of the meeting, as the topics included health care access and affordable housing, which are important local issues.

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The ministry is supported by 39 congregations representing 11,000 local residents and has 16 local business sponsors.

This year, the focus has been to research and promote clear, proven strategies to improve health care access and affordable housing in the Charleston area.

Members are working with Charleston City Council and MUSC to share their findings and recommendations.

The Post and Courier provides a valuable service to the community and I hope we can count on the paper to shine a light on the work of the Charleston Area Justice Ministry and its proven strategies to bring improved health care access and affordable housing to the Charleston area.


Carmel Bay Drive

Mount Pleasant

Sports volunteers

In the Charleston area, we are fortunate to have many wonderful workers and volunteers in youth sports.

While there are many who are outstanding, there’s one I would particularly like to recognize.

While I do not know Sherri Anderson personally, I have observed her interactions with children for many years as my five grandchildren have been fortunate to be participating in games where she was the referee.

According to staff at the James Island Recreation Center, “She wants to teach them to play the sport properly.”

And I’ve seen her do that, time and again. During games, she will sometimes stop play to teach the children the proper way, but always with consideration, respect and understanding of each child.

And, while her main sport seems to be soccer, she also referees baseball, basketball, and softball.

She is a very knowledgeable referee. What’s most indicative of her expertise is that I’ve never heard any grandchild complain that “the ref wasn’t fair.”

Thank you, Sherri, and all the many volunteers who teach our children to be good at sports and to be good sports.


Clearview Drive


No to DC statehood

The push by President Joe Biden’s administration to change Washington, D.C., into a state would destroy this nation as we know it and give the president the political power to pack the Supreme Court into his liking.


Larissa Drive


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