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Adopt-A-Pet: Penny and Zachary

MONROE, La. (KNOE) – This past Friday, we did our Adopt-A-Pet segment. We’re at The Humane Society Adoption Center of Monroe with Shelter Director, Terri Matthews.

Matthews introduced us to Penny and Zachary in our segment, and we do have some good news: Zachary has been adopted! Penny is still available.

“She’s [Penny] been with us for about 4 1/2 years, one day someone just pulled up with her chained to the bumper of his truck and we didn’t have any kennel space but I definitely wasn’t going to let her leave, so we made a spot for her out of a little pen and kept her,” explains Matthews. “For some reason, she gets overlooked time and time again. She is currently in the middle of her heartworm treatment, but you can foster her and let her finish the treatment and then adopt her, but she is almost finished with her treatment. She needs a good home that will let her be a couch potato and play fetch in the yard and some kids to play with. She’s amazing with other dogs, she’s great with people, she’s just a really really sweet dog.”

Matthews says they’ve been helping other shelters out recently with an influx of dogs, so they need help from the community.

“We are funded solely on donations, without the help of the community we wouldn’t be able to go down and help other shelters like Winnsboro,” says Matthews. “We go down and help Vermilion Parish which is a high-kill shelter, they actually don’t allow adoptions at all at Vermilion, and we’ll ride down and pull 16, 17 dogs at a time but it takes a lot of time to bring them in and vaccinate, de-worm, do the flea and tick meds, heartworm prevention and all that. So without the help of the community, we couldn’t continue doing that.”

They say supplies like toys or food are also appreciated.

For those interested in fostering dogs to give the shelter more room, Matthews says you just need to give them a call.

“We’re open Tuesday through Saturday from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. and we can get them set up, and you just have to provide a nice loving environment for them to be in,” says Matthews. “We’ll provide vet care, we can provide the food, crate, we can provide anything needed for the dog while they foster it.”

During COVID-19, the shelter is operating a little differently.

“They can stop by anytime Tuesday through Saturday from 12 to 5,” says Matthews. “We’re limiting it to 10 people at the shelter at a time so you may have to wait a few minutes to get in, but we will stay late to make sure we get you in. You can set up an appointment after-hours or on one of the days we’re not here, we’ll make it work.”

Their address is 920 Freight Drive, Monroe, La and you can reach them at (318) 387-9553.

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