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City of Monroe limits park access during COVID-19

The City of Monroe is moving to restrict park access while Louisiana deals with the coronavirus pandemic.

City officials announced on Tuesday that these restrictions include rule changes that limit how the park can be used.

Among the changes:

You can use the general park area and walking trails, but you must practice social distancing by staying six feet apart.
The play centers will be taped off and closed.
You cannot have a group of more than 10 at the park.
Team/group sports are not allowed. Basketball rims have been removed.
You must bring your own trash bags and carry out your own trash.
Bathrooms will be locked and the water fountains have been turned off.

The City says recreation centers and golf courses have been closed for a month. Chennault Park was closed Friday evening and will remain closed until further notice, they say.

The City says they understand that exercise is good for your physical and mental well-being but encourages you to use your home, backyard, or street before using the park as a resource.

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