Entergy LA preparing for Hurricane Laura

MONROE, La. (KNOE) – Entergy Louisiana is preparing for Hurricane Laura.

Customer Service Manager for North Louisiana Roderick Worthy said this storm looks like it could cause widespread power outages.

“We are acquiring the additional equipment we need and the additional personnel that we may need so that once the storm passes the area, we’ll able to respond in a safe and efficient manner,” he said.

Worthy said they’ve brought in additional utility restoration workers from more than 20 states. They have more than 5600 restoration workers in all, including some contractors. Worthy said they also have additional equipment for any possibly damaged infrastructure.

“So, whatever happens, we’ll be in a better state to respond in a quick way and restore the power to everybody,” he said.

Worthy said they’re also being mindful of COVID-19, so if someone sees utility workers, they should stay out of the work area.

“We are trying to take the necessary measures to minimize the risk of COVID-19.”

He’s asking people to make sure they have enough food, water, and medicine ahead of time.

Worthy said the storm also looks like it could cause significant damage, and he wants people to be aware of their surroundings.

“If you see a downed power line, whether or not the power is on or not, treat that power line as a live power line. A downed power line can still be dangerous, so if you see those, keep your distance,” he said.

You’ll be able to view any outages here.

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