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Experts express concerns about COVID-19 being airborne

MONROE, La. (KNOE) -Researchers now suspect the coronavirus could be airborne and spread farther than six feet. This could mean changes are coming for how people handle preventing exposure.

239 scientists wrote an open letter voicing these concerns to the World Health Organization. They are requesting WHO updates its protocol to reflect COVID-19 being spread in the air. They said small particles may be able to travel farther than people may have realized.

With this in mind, Dr. Joseph Bocchini of Willis-Knighton Medical in Shreveport said people should be practicing every precaution possible to prevent contracting the virus.

“They don’t do just one thing. They may be doing multiple things. So they may not wear a mask for a period of time. They may touch a surface and then touch their mouth or their nose. So there are alot of things that happen that could cause transmission to occur. Isolating one of them is really difficult,” said Dr. Bocchini.

The study will also confirm if the virus could spread through air vents.

“It would really depend on how small the particles were and how long the virus remained viable on those particles,” he said.

Bocchini said he’ll know more about whether the virus is airborne when his study concludes next week. Until then, residents are encouraged to wear masks and maintain social distancing.

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