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La Crosse adds 13 COVID-19 cases, while state hit with 13 more deaths – WIZM 92.3FM 1410AM

county adds another 10 COVID-19 cases –

Another 13 cases of COVID-19 in La Crosse County, according to state data Tuesday.

The county is up to 1,060 cases.

In surrounding counties, Winona added seven more cases and is now up to 310 total.

Trempealeau added four cases and is up to 406 total, with 56 active but none in the hospital.

Monroe County confirmed three more cases and has 13 active of the 267 total. None are hospitalized.

Vernon added another two cases and is now up to 89 with 11 still active, but none hospitalized.

Buffalo added two more cases and is at 56 total with six still active.

Houston added two more cases to its now 67 total with one still in the hospital.

Wisconsin: 71,492 cases, 5,610 hospitalizations, 1,094 deaths
Minnesota: 70,707 cases, 6,238 hospitalizations, 1,179 deaths
Iowa: 57,606 cases, 1,060 deaths

Statewide, Wisconsin had another 638 cases, 37 hospitalizations and 13 deaths. The state is averaging 6.4 deaths a day this month. In July, it averaged 4.9. Wisconsin’s averaged 38.9 hospitalizations a day in August. In July it was 39.2. In June it was 28.8.

Minnesota was hit with 414 cases, 43 hospitalizations and eight deaths. The state has averaged 7.2 deaths a day in August. In July that stat was 5.3. The hospitalization daily average in August in Minnesota is 43.3. In July it was 28.0.

Iowa data shows another 658 cases and 13 deaths over a 24-hour period Tuesday.

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