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La Crosse County at 972 COVID-19 cases, as health dept. ends daily updates – WIZM 92.3FM 1410AM

county adds another 10 COVID-19 cases –

No more daily case counts from La Crosse County’s health department.

Instead, it is moving to a weekly update, which will be posted at noon Mondays.

It’s a compilation of the prior week’s cases, testing, recoveries and other stats (below).

Wisconsin’s Department of Health Services data will still show La Crosse County’s new cases, which were up six from Sunday’s state count.

That total, however, is one more than what the county’s health department shows in its snapshot total of 972 cases through Aug. 16.

So, it’s hard to tell based on the county’s data through Sunday and the state’s update Monday, if there was one new case Monday, or six. The discrepancy, of course, is just one case but not the only place in the area it happens.

Case data from Vernon and Buffalo county health departments match up with the state’s data. Vernon added six cases and is at 77 total. Buffalo added two and is at 47 total cases.

In Trempealeau, however, the county posted it is at 383 cases — adding six cases Monday and eight over the weekend — while the state shows 370.

Monroe County posted it had zero new cases of COVID-19 Monday and is at 250 total cases. State data shows 254.

Wisconsin: 66,196 cases, 5,327 hospitalizations, 1,039 deaths
Minnesota: 65,716 cases, 5,886 hospitalizations, 1,712 deaths
Iowa: 52,829 cases, 987 deaths

Wisconsin DHS data shows 455 new cases, 23 hospitalizations and no deaths Monday. The numbers were about half, partly because testing was about half, which usually occurs over the weekend.

But no reported deaths hasn’t happened in Wisconsin since July 24. Since then there have been seven days with one COVID-19 death in the state.

In Minnesota, there were 567 cases, 35 hospitalizations and six deaths. The state has had single-digit deaths all but one day since July 3.

Data shows Winona County had no new cases Monday, remaining at 279. Houston County reported two cases and is at 59 total with 17 still active, including one in the hospital.

Iowa data shows 191 cases and 13 deaths. But, it was reported today, that Iowa’s daily case counts could be way off because of an “inadvertent glitch” in the state’s dashboard.

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