Monroe outreach ministry continuing to help its community despite COVID-19

MONROE, La. (KNOE) – “Whatever they need, they need to know they can get it right here,” says Ricky Nolan, Hope Street Ministries president.

Nolan has been reaching out, helping the less fortunate in Monroe for more than 30 years.

Each Sunday, he and Hope Street Ministries feed people a warm meal and give sermons.

“Over a period of time, they’ve learned to trust the word of the Lord and found that we’re with them, we’re for them, and we’ll fight for them if it comes down to it,” Nolan says. “When you’ve been here as long as we have, they’re looking for someone they can trust, and we’ve earned a little bit of that trust. All the people that come with me, they feel the same way.”

When COVID-19 struck in March, Nolan says they took a huge hit and had to change a few things around to keep going. “We didn’t know what we were having when it first started, and now, we look at it, we still don’t know what we’re having.”

Nolan says they would normally feed around 100. Now, it’s not nearly as much, but, they still come out to help whoever they can. “We’re waiting for them to come back. But we just prepare every Sunday to be able to feed who is here and give them a good word. I’m pretty big on what the word is today. Not one from 20 years ago, but today.”

As Hope Street Ministries continues its mission, Nolan says they look forward to remaining a resource in the community. “They need to know somebody cares. Bottom line,” he says. “We just got a good happy time. They need a good word. We just supply that with a good meal and just wait for them next Sunday. So, that’s the way it keeps going.”

To learn more about Hope Street Ministries, you can visit their Facebook page for more.

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