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Nine more cases in La Crosse County, as heath dept. provides more details on COVID compass replacement – WIZM 92.3FM 1410AM

county adds another 10 COVID-19 cases –

Nine new cases of COVID-19 confirmed today in La Crosse County.

This is the last daily update by the county, which announced today it will move to weekly counts.

The state could still provide the number of new cases daily in La Crosse County, except those numbers don’t add up.

Right now, the county is saying the total cases for La Crosse is at 957. The state data shows 951, which wouldn’t add up even if it wasn’t updated with today’s 9 new cases.

Six county residents are currently hospitalized in La Crosse. There are 120 active cases.

The health department also provided some more information to what will replace the COVID-19 compass that was taken off its website over a week ago. Read more about that here.

The county also added a couple high-risk locations dated Aug. 1-3, that include three bar/restaurants and a gym.

In surrounding counties, Winona added seven cases and is now at 272 total.

Trempealeau added five cases and is up to 369 total with 46 active, including three hospitalized.

Monroe County added three to its now 248 total, with 12 active, including one in the hospital.

Houston County added four cases and is now at 49 with 10 active.

Vernon added one case and is at 70 with seven active but none hospitalized.

Wisconsin: 64,227 cases, 5,235 hospitalizations, 1,025 deaths
Minnesota: 62,723 cases, 5,783 hospitalizations, 1,693 deaths
Iowa: 50,932 cases, 966 deaths

Statewide, Wisconsin added another 1,021 cases, 65 hospitalizations and seven deaths.

It’s the seventh time the state has been over 1,000 cases in the past month, and the second time in August the state has had more than 60 hospitalizations in a day.

In Minnesota, another 738 cases, 41 hospitalizations and eight deaths.

Iowa data shows 574 new cases and 10 deaths.

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