ULM implements new dorm safety procedures

MONROE, La. (KNOE) – As thousands of students return this fall, the campus we once knew seems like a thing of the past.

With ULM’s Move-In Mania only a few days away, there are a lot of changes and new protocols students will have to adjust to.

So, what’s different?

“We’ve hired a company that’s doing electric static spraying of all the rooms. They’re using a hospital grade cleaner and sanitizer in all the rooms. It sticks to every surface,” said Tommy Walpole, ULM’s Executive Director of Auxiliary Enterprises.

The university has implemented a new, enhanced cleaning schedule, set up sanitizing stations, limited visitation and even started a COVID-19 hotline for students to anonymously report any concerns.

School officials say if an outbreak were to happen, they have a plan in place.

“We have rooms set aside in every one of our buildings if we have to move someone to. There are empty rooms in every building for this fall. We have a 4-bedroom apartment set aside just in case we have to move someone, but we will follow whatever the CDC says and act accordingly,” said Walpole.

But how safe do students feel?

Brandon Brown actually recovered from COVID-19 in late June, and is confident with ULM’s plan.

“I feel pretty safe due to the fact the school quarantines everyone who has COVID, and I was quarantined for almost 3 weeks and I had been unable to go out of my dorm at that time,” said Brown.

Fellow student Tahje Green agrees.

“I really feel they put the safety of the students first. They’ve given us hand sanitizer, masks and they’ve also cleaned the rooms and sanitized it,” said Green.

Even with these measures in place, Walpole says they will need the cooperation of all students to make sure everyone remains safe.

“I would have to have 1800 adults or monitors on campus with every single student to make sure he or she is doing everything they’re supposed to, and that’s just not possible. So yes we are depending on our students to act like the young adults that they are, take this situation seriously and hopefully we’ll all get past it,” said Walpole.

Early move-in started Wednesday, returning students come back Friday and first-time students move-in Saturday.

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