West Monroe business helps fight spread of COVID-19, other viruses

One West Monroe cleaning business is helping other businesses and residents keep their spaces clean to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Amy Luker with Professional Cleaning Services of NELA says business is booming. “Clinics and our local businesses are very concerned with the spread of the viruses,” Luker says. “So, we actually use hospital-grade janitorial supplies that do kill the viruses, that disinfect and sanitize.”

Luker says they provide several services that help, especially a deep cleaning for businesses and residential customers. “We do all we can to help serve the community. So at this point, we’re actually running three crews. We have a residential crew. We have a commercial crew. We also have a deep-cleaning crew specialized in their areas.”

Luker says the work doesn’t stop there. People at home can help the cause by remembering these easy steps. “Hot water and soap. That’s the best. Hot water and soap. Always use bleach, not Pine-sol. Just the good ole cleaning basics.”

She says you can mix “the bleach in your water to clean the floors, doors, all of your surfaces. You want to clean the tops of your surfaces, any handles, doorknobs, light switches. Anything we consider a community area definitely needs to be disinfected daily.”

Along with washing your hands, these are just a few things you can do to keep your home disinfected and clean. “That’s as simple as a hot rag, dish soap, or even spray the bleach and wipe it with a paper towel.”

You can reach Professional Cleaning Services of NELA through their

or call them at (318)366-3833.

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