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Crab Chip-Flavored Ice Cream? This Company Just Created 10 Baltimore-Inspired Flavors – CBS Baltimore

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — What’s more Baltimore than crab chip flavored ice cream?

Baltimore In A Box teamed up with Cream Cruiser to create 10 flavors inspired by Baltimore, Maryland.

Credit: Baltimore in a Box

They launched five flavors Wednesday and will launch five more flavors later.

Here are the flavors they launched:

“Downey Ocean” with Caramel Fisher’s Popcorn
“Summer in Charm City” which is Egg Custard & Marshmallow
“LaMarshmallow Chip” which is Smores with Otterbein’s Chocolate Chip Cookies
“Cal’s Streak” which is Orange Creamsicle with Chocolate Chips
“I’m So Crabby” with UTZ Crab Chip Vanilla

These flavors are coming soon:

Otterly Divine – Birthday Cake with Otterbein’s Sugar Cookies
Bawlmer Cookies & Cream – Berger Cookies & Cream
Salty Balty – Salted Goetze’s Caramels with Berger Cookies
Ode to Joe – Zeke’s Coffee Oreo
Poe-conut – Coconut with Otterbein’s Lemon Sugar Cookies

You can pick up a pre-packaged pint at their Hampden location or purchase the pints online at You can also purchase quart sizes.

Baltimore in a Box closed its retail location in March due to COVID-19, but are working to reopen its location.

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