COVID-19 studies are enrolling.

covid 19 Vaccine Trial 
Those who qualify:*

  • Research Payment Up To $740

Looking for Covid-19 Vaccine Trial Volunteers

The University of Maryland Baltimore’s Center for Vaccine Development is working on a Phase 3 trial for the testing of a COVID-19 vaccine. It is happening nationwide and recruitment for the vaccine trial at UMB started last Monday.As you may know, older adults are typically not included in these types of clinical trials and minorities also are severely underrepresented. This is a great opportunity for these populations to be in this study so the results are representative of the overall population being treated as well as those at highest risk for the disease and negative outcomes. Participants will get paid up to $1,620.00 and transportation is provided for older adults (not on the graphic).  Contact info is on the graphic — I’m just assisting with the marketing for this.Thank you for any assistance you can provide in spreading the word.

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