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Find Out if a Previous Cold May Have Been Coronavirus – COVID-19 Antibody Testing Available at e7 Health

Information could bring greater understanding about immunity and risks associated with dangerous virus  }

Las Vegas-based e7 Health now offers COVID-19 antibody testing. Many people are wondering if those cold or flu symptoms they had in the winter were actually COVID-19-related. This test may answer that question.

The simple blood test reveals antibodies, or proteins made by the body to fight certain infections. Not a rapid test, which is easily administered but offers many false positives, the assessment e7 uses is the most accurate assessment available today to find out if you have the COVID-19 IgG antibody.

Data hasn’t shown whether a person who has the antibody is immune to COVID-19. It may take up to six months, or more to find that out for sure, said Jonathan Baktari, M.D., CEO of e7 Health. The physician suggests employers and those who have had flu-like symptoms or an upper respiratory infection in the past few months take the antibody test.

“It’s basically about knowing your status; in the future that might be helpful,” Dr. Baktari added. “For a lot of people and employers, to know whether you have the antibody, that’s one of many things to factor when thinking about risk.”

Antibody testing has been done for quite some time. It’s what has helped us understand our immunity to diseasessuch as measles, mumps or rubella. This information is valuable for population health.COVID-19 antibody test results can also help locate those who might qualify to donate blood to create convalescent plasma, which is being investigated as a treatment for people with severe COVID-19 illness.   

It’s important to understand that the antibody test does not assess whether you are currently infected with COVID-19. For that, Baktari recommends contacting your primary care physician if you have symptoms. e7 Health also recommends wearing a face covering when visiting one of its locations for services. 

For more information, visit: Book your appointment online at or call 702-800-2723.

Photo: e7 Health’s 500 E. Windmill Lane location in Las Vegas  

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