Trump’s Nevada rallies the subject of late-night jokes from Colbert, Fallon, Meyers

As is often the case, President Donald Trump was on the minds of America’s late-night hosts to kick off the week, with his weekend Nevada rallies taking most of their fire.

On “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert,” the host dinged the Henderson rally’s host, Xtreme Manufacturing — “a company I presume makes snowboards out of dirt bikes” — and deemed the indoor event “the dumbest political gathering since Bill Clinton accepted the Democratic nomination at Jurassic Park.”

But Reno, Trump’s first choice for his Northern Nevada rally, took the majority of Colbert’s blows.

“You know your rally’s a bad idea when it’s deemed too stupid for Reno. That’s where you go when Vegas is like, ‘Hey, take it easy, man. You’re scaring our sex workers.’ So the rally was moved to another airport in Minden, Nevada, the place where you go when Reno is like, ‘Hey, take it easy, man. You’re scaring our drifters.’ ”

Over on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” its host kicked off his monologue with Sunday’s rally in Henderson.

“It looks like the next long-term residency in Las Vegas will be the coronavirus,” Fallon joked. “What is Trump doing? Do you know how bad you have to mess up to be known as the guy who made a bad decision in Vegas?”

Later, Fallon responded to the safety concerns posed by the indoor gathering. “You can tell Nevada is on edge, because after the rally, the Bellagio fountains started spraying bleach.”

During “Late Night With Seth Meyers,” the host used his “A Closer Look” segment to dig into some of those fears that COVID-19 was spread during the Henderson rally.

“If you were actively trying to get people sick, this is how you would do it,” Meyers said. “The only way he could spread the virus more efficiently is to hold a rally at a meatpacking plant and charge one French kiss for admission. At his next rally, there’s going to be one Make America Great Again kleenex that everyone has to share. ‘Just blow your nose and pass it around. Trump fever!’ ”

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