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As they return to campus, UNM students say they are taking COVID-19 seriously

“It seems like all the students are always wearing masks at least when they’re inside,” he added.

Across the country, students have been caught on camera throwing parties and not social distancing.

Notre Dame, UNC Chapel Hill and Michigan State all returned to offering only online classes after more students started testing positive for COVID-19. 

But UNM students said they think their peers need to take the disease seriously.

“They need to stop doing that,” UNM student Xion said.

“I know there’s literally nothing else to do but just do nothing for a second,” he added.

At Oklahoma State, a sorority had to be quarantined after its members tested positive for the virus.

Meanwhile, at UNM, there are four fraternity or sorority houses on campus. However, only three of them are letting members stay on campus. 

“They have worked with both the University of New Mexico and their headquarters to follow best practices for reopening their facilities,” said Ryan Lindquist, the director of UNM’s student activities center.

“We know this disease is extremely contagious and if there is a breakout in one of our facilities, we will be working with the state of New Mexico and our university administrators to mitigate that spread as quickly as possible,” he added. 

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