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Drive-thru chile roast helps New Mexicans get their fix

“Right now we have Hatch medium hot.  It’s called Challenger and then we have Sandia Hot. Those are both from Hatch,” said Richard Sandoval and Michael Chavez, organizers with the church.

“It would not be autumn, or close to autumn without green chile,” said Carla Lanting Schubuya, a customer.

The whole process is contactless for customers.

“It’s kind of funny it’s a drive-thru. I don’t know. Yesterday they roasted it and I didn’t leave my car— they put it in the back,” she added.

Money from the event goes to the church. So far, organizers said they’ve been doing pretty well.

“This is the beginning of the season so I can’t even imagine what it’s going to be like later on. Hopefully we don’t run out,” Sandoval said.

The church will be offering chile roasting every day till the end of September.

“We found out once we got started, everyone has a smile on their face when they come through and smell that New Mexico green chile roasting,” Sandoval said.

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