Garcia said they’ll still hold a series of masses for Fiestas this year that’ll run Thursday through Sunday. People can register to attend in person, but space will be limited under the governor’s public health order. The masses will also be streamed online.

“This year what we’re doing is we’re really concentrating on the religious aspects of what fiesta is about and that’s through prayer, masses, sermon, vespers, and procession,” Garcia said.

Even though this year’s fiesta won’t come with all the same activities, Garcia said the community will still unite to carry on the tradition.

“It’s in honor of our Lady, and peace and peace within our community, so that’s the basics and that’s our mission this year—it’s about peace, especially with everything that we’re all dealing with in all communities and being together as one with our communities, our Pueblos, and what does that look like this year, so that’s what we’re praying for this year,” he said.

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