Each qualifying household got about $400 in SNAP benefits, per child. 

“But there’s still 25% – which is about, you know, over 10, 20 million dollars – of kids who haven’t received their benefit, either haven’t received their cards, or didn’t activate them,” said Jennifer Ramo, the executive director of New Mexico Appleseed. 

Ramo said it’s possible some families mistook the cards for junk mail and got rid of them. If you qualify but don’t know if you received your card, you have to request a new one before it’s too late. 

“If you didn’t get your card, you really need to call the Human Services Department,” Ramo said. “If you got it and you threw it away, which is totally fine, because you didn’t know what it was, you need to do that before September 30 or they won’t be able to get the benefit.” 

Ramo also said all families still need to fill out the free and reduced-price meal form – even though they may be picking up their meals from school – so that way they qualify for future benefits. 

“Those numbers are critical for New Mexico schools in terms of how much money they get, and if the government decides to reissue more pandemic EBT funds, then they’re automatically eligible,” she said. 

The state’s Human Services Department has two hotlines to figure out the status of your benefits. Their website can also walk you through the process. 

P-EBT Hotline: (505) 660-4822
Human Services Department Customer Service Center: 1 (800) 283-4465

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