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Usain Bolt says he’s self-isolating while awaiting Covid-19 test results

A health worker speaks to people queuing outside a medical centre to be tested for the novel coronavirus in Santa Coloma de Gramenet, north of Barcelona, on August 10, 2020.  Josep Lago/AFP/Getty Images

Some of Spain’s 17 regions have decided to tighten safety measures in their territory as the number of Covid-19 cases continues to climb.

Madrid: Madrid’s regional government’s Justice Secretary, Enrique López, asked citizens on Monday to “avoid unnecessary gatherings.” “It is not about returning to a confinement that restricts economic activity to the point of cancelling it, what it is about is to avoid unnecessary social interaction as much as possible.”Catalonia: The Catalan President, Quim Torra, said at a press conference Monday that “the next 3 weeks are decisive.” He announced that Catalonia is banning gatherings of over 10 people, given that “70% of the contagions happen during social gatherings.” He added that the region will be performing 500.000 PCR tests in schools and high schools from September and that classes will be reduced to 20 pupils per class.Murcia: The government of the Murcia region has banned gathering of over 6 people in both private and public spaces, the region’s Health Secretary, Manuel Villegas, announced at a press conference on Monday. 

Spain recorded 19,382 new Coronavirus cases since Friday, the Spanish Health Ministry’s data showed on Monday. The total number of cases in Spain has now reached at least 405,436.

The data also shows that at least 34 people died during the weekend due to Covid-19. At least 96 have died in the last seven days.

A total of 28,872 people have died of Coronavirus in Spain to date.

The Director of the Center for Health Emergencies, Fernando Simón, said at a press conference Monday that although the number of cases is increasing, hospital capacity in the country “is at 5.1%.” 

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