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East Noble School Corp. notifies families of COVID-19 cases

NOBLE COUNTY, Ind. (WPTA21) – Officials with the East Noble School Corporation have notified families of two COVID-19 cases involving students and/or staff and have sent home others who have displayed coronavirus symptoms.

Superintendent Ann Linson confirmed the notifications with ABC21 but declined to discuss them. She did provide a copy of the email that was sent to stakeholders.

It reads, in part: We have completed about two weeks of school and I would like to say there are no cases of COVID, but if I said that, I would not be telling you the truth.  At the time of writing this note to you, we have two positive COVID cases and have sent numerous K-12 students and adults home who are either experiencing symptoms or were exposed to someone.  We are working hard to provide a safe environment for your children.

The letter asks parents to share safe practices with their children, including:

Wear your mask!!  A mask provides a layer of safety for your child and reduces the “splash zone” to protect others.  When students are separated by at least 3 feet, they are allowed to remove their mask while completing silent, independent work at their desk.  When they stand up, they need to mask up.  When someone, an adult or student, wants to communicate with another person, the teacher and student need to pull up their mask.Practice staying six feet apart whenever possible.  Help your child visualize six feet.  One way is to hold two yardsticks end to end.  That will demonstrate six feet.  If you don’t have two yardsticks, consider laying on the floor.  If you are less than six feet tall, tell your child he/she needs to stand a distance that is longer than you.  It’s just an idea:)Practice the basics of washing hands, using hand sanitizer, and reducing what is touched.Wear a mask during the entire trip when riding the school bus!If your child is ill or experiencing any COVID symptoms, please keep him/her home!!  Our attendance policy will not be followed for students who are ill.Don’t trust anyone to be COVID free!  The virus is difficult to detect and anyone can unknowingly spread it.  While we all believe our family members or close friends will be virus free, that may not be true.  Many of our students who have been sent home have been exposed through a family member or by attending a gathering. 

Schools across the country are taking steps to control the spread of COVID-19 on campus, but health officials do expect cases involving students, teachers and others.

Limited cases at a school are not expected to prompt closures.

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