“I have to spend a little bit of my energy and time on keeping an eye on those things, and seeing is that person still posting those things a month later because if they are, that feels like teetering on potentially dangerous,” she said. “Or are they working themselves up to do something that is potentially harmful beyond just posting angry things on the internet?”

In Norman, it’s a similar story.

Up until recently, the Norman City Council was female-dominated. At one point, the council was made up of six women and three men, a female-to-male ratio that’s changing due to the departure of some members.

With women running the show, the traditionally liberal Norman City Council became perhaps the most progressive governing body in the state.

Former Norman City Councilwoman Alex Scott, 26, said she was often criticized for her youth.

“When I was on council, I took a lot of criticism,” she said. “Usually, the criticisms are not policy-pointed, but are ad hominem, and they’re about me being a young woman or being naive or childish.”

“I remember seeing a criticism of myself that was ‘Alex Scott is objectively attractive, but she’s such an ugly b—-.'”

This summer, the attacks took a dark turn.

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