How Oklahoma City helped a gay couple settle down and find ‘home’

It’s not exactly “coming out” again, but in a weird way, it feels like it, and it’s rejuvenating to be fully ourselves. There are a lot of places across the country that have outstanding restaurants, museums, and experiences, but it takes a special gem like Oklahoma City to enrobe you in warmth and make you feel at home again.

Matt and Brad Kirouac are the co-founders and co-hosts of Hello Ranger, a national parks community blog, podcast, and social app. Previously, they co-hosted a national parks podcast with iHeartRadio called Parklandia, and they also collaborated on the 2016 book, “The Hunt Guides Chicago.” Separately, Matt is a travel and food writer, primarily covering national parks and Disney, and his work has appeared in Travel + Leisure, Eater, TripSavvy, Culture Trip, Plate Magazine, Zagat, and others. Brad recently accepted the position of Oklahoma City Area Director for Big Brothers Big Sisters, and he’s excited to start giving back to his new community. “If you want to get involved in the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Oklahoma Community and become a Big (mentor) to a Little (youth) you can visit to find more information.”

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