An Oklahoma teenager, after overcoming several medical milestones, received the wish of a lifetime this week. The teenager’s wish, a new pug puppy. 

It was all made possible through the Make A Wish foundation.  

Allie Marcotte and family are from Inola, in the metro Tulsa area. They were in Oklahoma City at a Petland location for a wish granted they’ll never forget.  

“She was shocked, yes,” said Debra Marcotte, Allie’s mother. “I was just like okay now I have to fess up to all my lies that I told you over the weekend.”

Mom was hiding the fact Make A Wish Oklahoma granted Allie’s wish. 

Allie was diagnosed with Moyamoya disease at the age of 4 after a stroke left her without the ability to walk, talk or use her arms. 

Moyamoya is a progressive vascular neurological disorder that constricts the major blood vessels of the brain which keeps much needed oxygen away from the brain and strokes occur.

Doctors told the Marcotte family Allie may not make it to 16.  

“She’s had 6 brain surgeries to try to restore blood flow to her brain, but she continues to have transient ischemic attack’s (TIA), she has some right arm hand weakness so she can’t use that arm very well,” said Debra.  

It’s been a rough go not just for Allie, But for Make A Wish too. COVID-19 has slowed wish granting way down.  

 “Three fourths of our wishes are travel wishes so that had to be put on hold and is still on hold,” said Mark Landes, Board Chair at Make A Wish Oklahoma. “Just because we want to create a safe environment for the wish kids and their families.”

With a new love and a new name, Allie and her pup Rosie are ready to tackle anything that may come their way. 

 “She loves me, and I always wanted a pet that loves me so much,” said Allie. “I’ve never had one of those dogs that love me. Now I do.”

Allie went home with a dog homecoming kit including a crate, food and other items. 

Students from Sapulpa High School helped fundraise. 

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