OKC report: Data shows masks work

COVID-19: They said it

“At this afternoon’s governor’s briefing one of the graphs they presented showed the difference in new cases between communities with and without mask ordinances. The data clearly showed that masks work and they help to slow the spread of COVID-19.”

— From last Thursday’s Oklahoma City COVID-19 Daily Situation Report. The city council will vote Tuesday on whether to extend Oklahoma City’s mask ordinance to Dec. 7. Statewide, Oklahoma reported new daily case records Friday and Saturday.

Holt, Oprah converse

Oprah Winfrey sent copies of Isabel Wilkerson’s New York Times bestseller “Caste” to business, education and political leaders, including Oklahoma City Mayor David Holt, and invited Holt to take part in a podcast episode to discuss the book.

Holt began by noting how he ran on a promise to incorporate the city’s diversity into City Hall decision-making. The leadership structure he inherited, he said, “favors the dominant caste.” His remarks, edited:

“As an elected official, I come at it from, ‘What is the best path forward to get public support for change?’

“I’ve always talked about this essentially as an issue built around race. Sometimes that can feel overwhelming to people because race feels like something that nature gave us.

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