OKC singer-songwriter Graham Colton debuts first album in six years with ‘Inside Out’

“I have literally laughed because I’ve forgotten all of my social media passwords. I didn’t know how to log into YouTube. I didn’t know how to do any of the updates that I guess I have to do releasing an album. So, I was emailing people from six or seven years ago like, ‘Hey, do you remember this password? … What the hell should I be doing for an album release, especially in the middle of a pandemic?'” Colton said.

“But I’ve had more fun, and it was the easiest album I’ve ever made. Easiest. It’s crazy to say that, but it was.”

Graham Colton is releasing his new album “Inside Out” Friday.” [Cover photo provided]

Other business

In the early 2000s, Colton embarked on a major label career, made numerous television appearances and shared stages with musical stars like Kelly Clarkson, Dave Matthews Band, John Mayer and many more.

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But his focus has changed since he recorded “The Lonely Ones” back in 2013: He and his wife have welcomed two children and settled in Oklahoma City, and he has become an operating partner with The Social Order Dining Collective, which operates the popular restaurant, bar and music venue The Jones Assembly. He also helped organize last fall’s Scissortail Park grand opening concert at Scissortail Park.

“I was pleasantly surprised how much I loved it – i.e., The Jones and just being involved in the other side of music with concerts. From the day after my senior year of high school to when The Jones really became a reality, it was all day, every day in the Graham Colton business – and I’ve seen a lot. … And when The Jones came along, it was this breath of fresh air. I got to be around such incredible people that give me this feeling of, ‘Oh, wow, I think I could be kind of good at this.’ … It made me feel the same way that I used to feel about my music as a solo artist,” Colton said.

“I’ve never lost the love of music … but I needed a change. I was like, ‘Oh, man, this makes me feel the same way kind of like making an album.’ And it was so rewarding creatively. I get to be around these amazing people every day and inspiring, and every day is kind of a challenge and you get to apply creativity to it.” 

Check out The Oklahoman’s 2017 video about The Jones Assembly’s opening and first concert:

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