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The Oklahoma State Department of Health reported 1,006 new cases of COVID-19 Wednesday afternoon, and though active cases are below the state’s record-high, current hospitalizations have hit a new peak for the second-straight day.

Oklahoma’s last record-high hospitalization number was 663, set on July 29th when there were only 6,714 active cases in the state. For two months active case total continued to climb, while hospitalization declined, but on Tuesday that number rose to 699, and on Wednesday it hit 738.

There are 13,066 active cases in Oklahoma, down from a record of 13,379 set on September 28th. The seven-day rolling average for new cases is 1,022, down from a peak of 1,136 on September 25th.

There have been 1,075 deaths from the virus in Oklahoma, and nine more were reported Wednesday, including one in Tulsa County. The seven-day rolling death average is 6.3, down from a peak of 10.4 on August 30th.

The city of Sand Springs reported a record-high single day increase of 21 cases on Tuesday, bringing the town’s active total to a record-high 87, but no new cases were reported Wednesday and the total declined to 81. There have been five deaths in the town. There are 1,769 active cases in Tulsa County and 1,108 in the city of Tulsa.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have reported 7,475,262 cases nationwide since the pandemic began with 210,232 total deaths. There have been 307,191 cases in the last seven days.

Oklahoma ranks 27th in total cases but is 15th in cases in the past seven days, and eighth in per capita cases in the past seven days. The state is 25th in per capita deaths in the past seven days.

The World Health Organization is reporting 35,659,007 cases since the pandemic began with 1,044,269 deaths. The United States continue to lead the world in total cases, followed by India with 6,757,131, Brazil with 4,927,235, and Russia with 1,248,619.

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