Parlor adds burger protection for diners

While Morrow’s MOB Grill was tapped into revenue with some serious street hustle, Parlor OKC general manager was working on reopening the city’s largest food hall.

“We were on a roll,” Burckel said. “Really starting to gain some momentum, when it all shut down.”

Burckel said in the three months the food hall was closed, they examined every avenue. With a business model based on gathering large crowds, the COVID-19 pandemic presented a direct existential threat.

“You’re wondering if you’re even going to open again.” Burckel said. “Bills were stacking up, and the further it went, the scarier it got.”

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Now that Parlor is reopened, Burckel and staff have taken all the precautions recommended by the Centers for Disease Control plus more.

A look inside Parlor in downtown Oklahoma City. [Dave Cathey/The Oklahoman]

“We take everybody’s temperature through the front door, of course everybody has to wear a mask to enter. Staff have to wear a mask throughout. We have state of the art cleaning that goes on throughout the day. We use a peroxide-based cleaner on surfaces. We have QR codes on every table to get you to every menu.

“Someone could come into Parlor, sit on the patio, use the QR code to make an order and never have to come in.” Burckel said.

Morrow said his daily dealings in the healthcare industry has taken him into hospitals and clinics all over and the approach Parlor has taken is “ second to none.”

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