In a separate column to his local paper, a Republican member used graphic language and cited extremists from New York and California to denigrate Oklahomans working for equality. This would be akin to Democrats suggesting that all Republicans share the same beliefs as David Duke, which would be a ridiculous assertion.

Another Republican member, while leaving alone the male mayors in his district who enacted the same policy, is alleged to have verbally assaulted the mayor of Yukon to the point of her seeking a restraining order against him.

Days later, a Republican sent a release again using racist rhetoric and Washington, D.C., talking points dipped in homophobia to attack Thunder players using their First Amendment right to speak out against societal injustices.

Finally, just recently, a Republican House member released a statement and video containing racist innuendos and divisive language to push dangerous medical misinformation that is not supported by science.

While I would like to believe these individuals, many of whom are committee chairs, are outliers — relics of a darker time in our nation’s history — the silence of the majority has been deafening.

Virgin, D-Norman, is minority leader in the Oklahoma House.

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