Trying to hide from COVID-19? Check out southeast Oklahoma’s wilderness playgound

I commented that I thought it was cool that the first three fish we caught were different species, and Newman replied that in the spring we might catch five different species on the same trip, crappie and walleye included.

We moved from point to point that morning, picking up a few bites usually at each one. Zoom’s soft plastic worm, Plum Crazy, was what the bass liked that morning.

We caught 14 bass, all of them small and most of them spotted, and as we fished, watched the monarchs fly by on their migration south. It was an enjoyable morning and we were off the water before 11 a.m., and Newman encouraged us to keep some spotted bass for lunch, claiming they were a delicacy almost as good as crappie.

I had my doubts, but I love a fish fry, so I didn’t require much persuasion. Using a simple recipe of yellow corn meal and salt, we fried the fish back at the cabin and I must admit, it was pretty darn good. Not as good as crappie or walleye, in my opinion, but still very tasty.

With a belly full of fish, I drifted off into an afternoon nap, already dreaming about the next time I could return to the land of Bigfoot.

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