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Democratic National Committee is buying all ads on The New Pittsburgh Courier homepage for four days | News | Pittsburgh

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One of the DNC ads that will be placed on the New Pittsburgh Courier‘s website

According to a recent CBS News/YouGov poll, this year’s election is very much on the mind of Black Pennsylvanians. When asked how much they have been thinking about the presidential race, 67% of Black people in Pennsylvania said they have been thinking about it a lot, and another 18% were thinking about it somewhat.

But 8% of them also said they probably will not vote this year, according to the poll, and considering the Pennsylvania’s results are likely to be very close this year, like they were in 2016, the Democratic National Committee is hoping to convince the crucial voting block to come out and support Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and other Democratic nominees.

Starting today, the DNC is buying all the online ads on the homepage of the New Pittsburgh Courier, Pittsburgh’s Black newspaper and one of the largest in Pennsylvania.

According to a press release, the digital advertising takeover will last from today until Thursday to coincide with the length of the Republican National Convention, to remind “Pennsylvania voters of Trump’s failed response to the coronavirus [pandemic].”

When it comes to President Donald Trump’s handling of coronavirus, 55% of Pennsylvanians say he has done a bad job, while 45% say he has done a good job, according to the CBS poll. Of Black Pennsylvanians, 80% believe he has done a bad job, while 20% say he has done a good job at handling the pandemic.

“The Republicans’ chaos convention can’t hide Trump’s disastrous leadership and the Pennsylvanians who have lost their lives and livelihoods because of it,” said DNC Chair Tom Perez in a press release. “Pennsylvanians won’t forget about the seniors worried about his attacks on Social Security and Medicare, the families who have seen their jobs disappear because of Trump’s failed COVID-19 response, and the folks with pre-existing conditions who can’t afford for Donald Trump to take away their health care.”

The DNC’s ads on the Courier’s website will read “COVID-19 is still spiking, this administration failed us.” As of Sunday, 306 people in Allegheny County have died from coronavirus, and nearly 7,600 Pennsylvanians have died. Overall, more than 176,000 Americans’ lives have been lost of COVID-19.

Death, hospitalization, and contraction rates related to COVID-19 have been disproportionately high among Black people in Allegheny County. Pittsburgh’s unemployment is also historically high, and is near levels not seen since the collapse of the steel industry.

This ad buy from the DNC comes as the Courier has seen some increased attention following fallout at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the region’s largest newspaper. In June, the P-G barred Black journalists Alexis Johsnon and Michael Santiago from covering the ongoing Black Lives Matter protests, with management claiming they showed bias because of their social media presence. In protest, some canceled their subscription, and instead bought subscriptions to the Courier.

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