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Revised Campus COVID-19 Protocols Effective July 6


The College of Charleston COVID-19 Leadership Team shared the following message with the campus community on Tuesday, June 29, 2021:

Dear Campus Community:  

We hope your summer is going well. We wanted to update you regarding our revised COVID-19 protocols, which will take effect Tuesday, July 6, 2021, and will be in place for the fall and spring semesters. These guidelines are similar to what other South Carolina public institutions of higher education are doing. However, please note, the College of Charleston reserves the right to change these protocols when necessary.    

In creating these revised guidelines, the College’s COVID-19 leadership team developed them with other university officials across the state, public health officials from the S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control (S.C. DHEC) as well as at the direction of the South Carolina General Assembly. The College of Charleston’s plan is in alignment with state law and other university plans across the state and also much of the country.  

Please read carefully the following updates, which will also be posted on the College’s Back on the Bricks website:  


In accordance with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and S.C. DHEC guidelines, the College of Charleston strongly recommends its students, faculty and staff receive the COVID-19 vaccine. However, please note: a COVID-19 vaccination is not required for any student to enroll or an employee to work at the College of Charleston.  Every student, including returning students, should complete the College of Charleston COVID-19 Vaccination Documentation or Declination Form (https://forms.office.com/r/JyD5fwfA2p). This information is critical to decision-making related to the operation of the College during the 2021–22 academic year. The information entered into the Microsoft form is kept strictly confidential; neither parents nor students will receive an email that indicates their vaccination status – whether vaccinated or unvaccinated.  Students who are not vaccinated or who choose to not complete the form will be placed in a monthly COVID-19 required testing protocol.    


As of July 6, face-coverings and masks are not required while on campus.  Please note: Per the CDC and S.C. DHEC guidelines, those who are not vaccinated or those who wish to continue to wear face-coverings/masks are encouraged to do so.  


For in-person classes, classrooms and course sections will be filled to the fire-code capacity of the room. Within each classroom, 3 feet of social distancing should be maintained.  


Non-academic gatherings are no longer subject to attendance restrictions.  Please note: spaces used for meetings and events are restored to their pre-COVID capacity with 3 feet of social distance. Event hosts, for both academic and non-academic gatherings that are College sponsored, should maintain a record of attendees at each event should contract tracing be necessary.  


In order to participate in move-in, students living in on-campus housing (such as residence halls and historic houses) who have not been vaccinated are required to upload evidence by midnight, August 16, of either:  A positive COVID-19 test dated after May 22, 2021;   A negative PCR or antigen test conducted between August 12 and August 19, 2021. NOTE: the College of Charleston will not accept antibody tests. Students failing to submit appropriate documentation should expect that their move-in will be delayed until documentation is produced. Students who test positive prior to move-in should plan to complete their 10-day isolation away from campus.   Documentation can be submitted by this link: https://forms.office.com/r/AkjnxmLVk3   


Non-vaccinated students or students who do not complete the College of Charleston’s COVID-19 vaccination documentation form and who are identified as the close contact of someone that has tested positive for COVID-19 will be required to follow a quarantine-and-isolation protocol.   


For faculty and staff, College-sponsored domestic travel is permitted; regarding College-sponsored international travel, faculty and staff are to work with their division heads. For those employees traveling for work, the CDC strongly recommends being vaccinated.  Requirements around College-sponsored student travel, both domestic and international, are being finalized this summer. More details will be shared closer to the start of the fall semester.  

While the College of Charleston is excited to have a sense of “normalcy” return to our campus this summer and fall, we want to remind our entire campus community that, just as we did last year, we will pivot and change course as quickly as the situation dictates. 

We know this past year was difficult, but we are proud of our campus’ response to the pandemic, and we know we will face any future challenges with the same energy, creativity and resilience as before.  

We look forward to seeing everyone on campus soon! Have a great summer! And, go Cougars! 


CofC COVID-19 Leadership Team 

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